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Family History - What & Why - Power Point
Keep A Book of Remembrance

Book worthy of acceptation - PPS file

The Research Process  Power Point or  PDF file
Family History Research Basics Video Presentation
Family History & the Sons of Levi - PPS presentation

Doing Family History as a family - PPS presentation
The Parenting Process
Holding Family Councils
Counseling with Our Councils  by M. Russell Ballard
Priesthood councils & Family History Work

Priesthood direct Family History Work - Power Point
Turn Your Hearts - Power Point
The Important Things
Motivational Thought
One Step at a Time
Motivational Thought

Our Greatest Responsibility - Power Point Show

2016 RootTech Leadership Training sessions
2017 RootTech Leadership Training sessions
What lack I yet-Clermont? - Power Point Show - (presentation in Spanish) (Handout)

Have Ears to Hear "The Plan"

Finding Acceptable Sources© by Allin Kingsbury
of the Silicon Valley Computer Genealogy Group PastFinder Newsletter.

Assure it is Accurate.html

Evidence - PDF file

Do I Need a Desktop Genealogy Program or is FS - Family Tree Enough?
Mormon Temples
Sacred Temple Clothing

Clermont Family History Center Staff Guidelines - pdf

Review FH Class principles - pps
Minneola Ward FH Survey - June 2007
Minneola Ward FH Survey in Spanish
Survey file in "Word"
Spanish Survey file in "Word"

Serving in a Family History Center - pdf

Clermont Family History Center Resources - pdf
Install PAF5
Using PAF5
( 15 pages)